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The Vehicle Side Carrier

Transport your oversized items, no matter the size of your car


Carry It Away

The SidekicK VSC is the first of its kind: a side-mount car carrier created out of a need to haul long items that won’t fit in a car or in a bed of a truck. This handy DIY accessory is a compact, easily mountable and removable hauling system. The SidekicK VSC can be added to the passenger side of most vehicles for transporting long, oversized items for short distances. The SidekicK VSC system contains a pair of adjustable "Z" brackets, when added to the side of a vehicle will allow users to haul long oversized products, such as lumber, trim or plastic pipe up to 16 feet long. The SidekicK VSC system is designed to hang on the vehicle doors (front & back). Each bracket is adjustable to fit different door sizes. The SidekicK VSC system includes tie-down cords that will support and hold material to the vertical support column, making it secure.

The SidekicK VSC - Mountable Car-Hauling System

This device was created to solve an everyday problem that DIYers struggles with certain vehicles: How to haul long items when one doesn’t have a truck with a roof rack or a long bed.

This compact system can be easily stored in your trunk when not in use. The SidekicK VSC system is easily mountable and removable. Simply add it to the passenger side of your car and secure with your enclosed tie-down cords! It works with most vehicles, allowing you to transport long, oversized items for short distances. Whether you are in need to transport long lumber or PVC pipe in a car or short-bed truck, this device is for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or feedback. Drive safe, and enjoy the convenience this accessory has to offer.

The Sidekick VSC

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