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The SidekicK VSC – Step-by-Step Assembly Instructions

Here, we will show you how to quickly and simply assemble your SidekicK VSC. Once assembled, you can stow it away in your vehicle for those urgent moments when you need it most. If you have any questions through the assembly process, don’t hesitate to reach out! We have time-tested this product and know all the ins and outs.

This kit contains two complete SidekicK VSC units consisting of the following:

  • 2 “A” inside adjustable insulated legs with a “T” top that slides over “B” and has a locking pin
  • 2 “B” top pieces with holes for adjusting the space between “A” and “C,” which is the width of your door panel. Also at the right end is a 90-degree elbow with a hole, which slides over the top portion of “C.” Once holes are aligned, a bolt is placed to lock “B” to “C,” thus forming the “Z” profile of the SidekicK VSC. “B” also has a small piece of protection foam that can be moved for best protection.
  • 2 “C” U-shaped units
  • Notice that the two “C” units are different lengths. The longest goes in the rear window and the shortest in the front. This is designed so that the material will not interfere with the front wheel.
  • 2 pins to hold and lock “A” to “B”
  • 2 bolts & 2 wing nuts to hold “B” to “C”
  • 2 bungee cords to secure the load between “C” and “E” while in transit
  • 2 “E” side supports with protection pads that slide over “C” before “B” is placed on “C”

Once you have identified all parts, it is time to assemble them. Follow the easy how-to guide and printed examples below:

  • Place item “E” over the open end of “C” and let it rest against the adjustable-stop O-ring.
  • Connect “B” to “C,” placing the 90-degree elbow over the top of “C.” Press down, aligning the holes, and insert screw with wing nut.
  • Insert “A” over the end of “B,” but don’t put in the locking pin at this time. Now the SidekicK VSC is ready to be used.

Happy hauling!