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Avoid These Hauling Mistakes


Working on home improvement projects generally require multiple trips to your local lumber store, and inevitably, you need materials that are longer or larger than your vehicle can safely manage. Many people have run into this problem and wonder what the best solution is. In today’s post, we’ll take a look at some of the worst ways to transport building materials so that you can benefit from the mistakes of others. When you finish reading, be sure to check out our side-mounting lumber hauler and order the best system for carrying longer materials from SidekicK VSC today!

Strap Materials Under Your Vehicle

While this might seem like a good idea at first glance, this is actually a horrible idea. Your vehicle was designed to have proper clearance during normal usage on paved roads and highways. Securing things underneath your car or truck significantly lowers the clearance, which could cause serious damage to your vehicle, the material you are hauling, and any passengers in the vehicle.

Allow Lumber to Stick Out of an Open Window

Not only is this illegal in many states, it is dangerous! Objects that stick out of an open window are naturally angled outward, which can dramatically increase the width of your vehicle. This increased width will make it difficult — if not impossible — for you to judge just how far it sticks out of the car. A misjudgement on your part could result in serious injury or death to you or someone else.

Purchase Wimpy Straps

Your local hardware store likely carries a wide variety of straps to use when hauling materials. While it may be tempting to purchase the cheapest ones, this is not a good idea. No one plans to have to make sudden stops, sharp turns, or emergency swerves, but these things happen in the real world all the time. It is during times like this that rope, bungee cords, twine, and other wimpy strapping materials can fail.

Keep Flimsy Materials Loose

There are a number of flimsy building materials that you may need depending on the project you are engaged in. From drip edges and flashing to plastic conduit and siding, you can be faced with a variety of flimsy materials that you need to transport. Setting them loosely in the bed of your truck or back of your vehicle can be a recipe for disaster, and one that will likely end in an accident with another vehicle on your way home.

Rest Lumber on a Raised Gate

It can be tempting to let a larger load of lumber rest on the raised gate of your truck bed, but this is a bad idea. Your truck gate cannot handle that kind of weight because that is not what it was designed for. For the safety of everyone around you as you drive home, the integrity of your truck’s body, and your building materials, be sure to lower the gate and secure the lumber in a horizontal position.

At SidekicK VSC, we know that trying to find the best way to haul building materials can be challenging, and that is why we developed our side-mounting cargo system. If you are tired of trying to haul lumber or other building materials home in less-than-ideal systems, be sure to browse our online store today and purchase the best lumber hauler ever!