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FAQs About Our Side-Mounting System


If you have ever worked on a construction project at home, then you probably have experienced the same dilemma that we have. You eventually need materials that are too big to fit into the trunk of your car. The problem of trying to haul oddly shaped or extra long materials in a small vehicle is something we wanted to solve. At SidekicK VSC, we developed a side-mounting cargo rack that will work with any vehicle. Continue reading to learn the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions and then order your system today.

Will It Work On My Vehicle?

The SidekicK VSC is designed to be a universal side-mounting carrier for any car or truck. It is easy to install and can be securely stored in your trunk when not in use. We made it simple to store because it won’t do much use sitting in your garage. Life doesn’t always go according to plan, and you never know when you might need to haul a large load.

If you have a pickup truck, but the bed is shorter than the traditional length, the SidekicK VSC can be the perfect solution when you need to haul materials that are extra long. You won’t have to worry about borrowing or renting an oversized vehicle to haul items thanks to the SidekicK VSC, your easily assembled and quickly installed side-mounting cargo rack.

Does It Require Assembly?

The SidekicK VSC is disassembled for shipping purposes. When you receive it, open the package, follow the directions, and you will have it easily assembled in approximately five to 10 minutes. Once assembled, there is no reason to disassemble it again. It can be stored in the trunk of your vehicle or your garage when not in use. If you choose to disassemble it for any reason and then discover that you have lost the instructions, be sure to check our website to find the information you need.

Does It Have Limitations?

There are no limitations to using the SidekicK VSC — haul whatever you need, whenever you need. If you have a much older vehicle, be sure to check that all of the windows are able to be lowered completely so that they are flush with the door frame. The SidekicK VSC is designed to rest on the door frame so that you can secure it without concern for the safety of the glass in your windows. If you do have an older car with windows that are unable to be completely rolled down, you can still use our system, simply make sure you have a few inches of space to slide the system over the door.

Will It Damage My Vehicle’s Exterior?

Many people are used to seeing cargo racks on the roofs of vehicles or on hitches. Naturally, people wonder whether our system might cause damage to the side of their vehicle. We are happy to let you know that we made every effort to ensure that our device will not damage your car or truck. There is a soft, thick cushion at each point of the system that comes into contact with your vehicle. If you feel the need to add additional padding by draping a blanket or towel draped between the frame and your vehicle, feel free to do so.  

At SidekicK VSC, we are proud to offer a product that will work for anyone who needs to haul long materials in their small vehicle. Be sure to order a set for each of your vehicles so that you can be prepared for those spontaneous trips to the lumber store!