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How to Properly Transport Building Materials


For those of you who have worked on home improvement projects, you know that sometimes you need to haul certain items that won’t fit perfectly into your small car or truck. In fact, you have probably tried a number of different ways, at one point or another, to secure these items in your vehicle. Today, we will take a look at how to get your building materials home safely. SidekicK VSC wants to make your life easier with our side-mounting lumber hauler, so be sure to check our online store and order yours today.


When hauling lumber or any other materials that are extra-long, make sure that you have the right tools. One of the first items you should have is a set of four heavy-duty ratchet straps. Try to purchase straps that have a 1,000 pound load limit and a 3,000 pound break strength. Be sure that the straps are at least 15 feet in length and have a width of at least 1¼ inches.

You may have tried using ropes or bungee cords at some point, and while these materials do have their uses, they are not your best option under real-world conditions. While you may try to drive as safely as possible, you are not in control of the drivers around you. If you need to quickly swerve, or come to an abrupt stop, then you probably already know that neither ropes nor bungee cords perform well under these circumstances.

Anchor Point

While ratchet straps are great tools to have, they are only as good as their anchor point. If your anchor point isn’t equally strong, there is no sense, really, in tying everything down with the straps. In fact, unless you are hauling a load that is more than 250 pounds, it isn’t necessary to put the tailgate down. Simply place one end of the lumber against the front of the bed and let the other end rest against the top of the tailgate. Place all of the other pieces of lumber in a similar manner into the bed, and then secure them together as one larger bundle.

Wrap Flimsy Material

At some point in time, almost every home-improvement project involves hauling flimsy material that is longer than 10 feet. When you find yourself in this situation, the best thing that you can do to protect the material is to purchase a roll of stretch cling wrap, and then wrap it securely around both ends of the materials. If you are also hauling lumber as part of the load, do a second round of wrapping and secure the flimsy material to the lumber. This will add an extra level of support and reduce the risk of breakage. 

Hauling materials can be dangerous. In fact, according to a study from AAA’s Foundation for Traffic Safety, road debris was a factor in an estimated average of more than 50,000 police-reported crashes during a 5 year period. SidekicK VSC wants to help you safely transport the materials you need for all of your home-improvement projects. Shop our online store today!